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12 Januari 2012

Harga Kerja Micropiles

Kerja MicropilesKerja Micropiles
Kerja MicropilesSaya sedang mencari harga untuk cerucuk micropiles. Memang sukar mendapat harga kalau kita tak hubungi kontraktor yang membuat kerja kerja micropiles. Kerja micropile banyak cabaran, tapi banyak juga kelebihannya: Berikut ialah serba ringkas maklumat kerja kerja piling Micropiles

Kerja Micropiles
Kerja Micropiles banyak cabaran, antaranya ialah:

No.1 : Kos yang mahal (High COsT)
RM150–350 /meter
Harga bergantung pada (Price Depends on )
  • Reinforcement Type
  • Volume (φ) of hole
  • Grouting Method (any post grouting)
  • Location - Accessibility
  • Length/Quantity of piles
Why High COST?
  • High Steel (up to 20% As/Ac)
  • High Labour Cost – Low Prod
  • Grout (NS) (+admixture) expensive
  • Fabricate cage in-situ compared to
  • mass production for precast RC pile
  • Specialist technology expensive
  • Few players in the market
Kerja micropile agak lambat berbanding kerja RC Piles
Why Slow
Although Drilling rate alone is high
(e.g. up to 1’/min DTH thru granite)
  • Adding/Dismantling of Rods manually
  • Installation/Extract of casing time-consuming
  • Manual in-situ fabrication of cage on-site
  • Fixing of couplers, spacers, welding take time
  • Manual mixing of cement grout
  • Same machine used for cage installation
  • High rig breakdown (mostly hydraulic)
  • Estimation of soil / selection of drill bit
  • difficult – slow down during drilling
  • Start-up check/servicing of rig long

Kelebihan Micropile =Benefits of Micropiles –
No.1 Reason

  • Low Headroom /
  • Restricted Access
  • Problem

No.2 Reason :
  • High Performance
  • •Loading fr 3 – 500 tons!
  • •Higher As/Ac compared to RC Driven pile
  • As Micropile 4-8% vs As RC Pile <3%
  • -> Better in Bending, Lateral Loading
  • Shear resistance, Seismic performance
No.3 Reason :
  • Can Penetrate Anything
  • • Drilling thru stiff clay, sandstone, timber,
  • granite (except buried steel).
  • •Easier penetration in rock compared to bored pile.
No.4 Reason :
  • Flexibility
  • (Many Ways) to adjust to
  • difficult soils…
  • • Enhance End Bearing
  • •‘Cross-Breed’ with other Ground Improvement
  • technique…
  • Flexibility – Suits
  • the soil, Suits your
  • needs…
No.5 Reason :
  • Almost ZERO
  • Vibration/Noise.
  • NO Complains!

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