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27 Julai 2017

Cara pasang form brick wallpaper

D  Wallpaper Brick Design Foam Wallpaper DIY Home Decor Self Adhesive Peel Stick -10mm thick

- easy & convenient to install

- high quality

- no harmful material ,eco-friendly , waterproof ,  & no smell

- 1 piece 3D brick wallpaper (look like real brick)

- size  60 cm x 60 cm , thick -10mm

- color : milky white

- use for home wall / shop decoration, instantly making it a new good look. 


How to use ?

1) clean the wall remove dust from surface

2) cut bricks wallpaper with scissors or cutter into the size you want

3) peel off the back of the bricks wallpaper inch by inch and attach to where you want

4) press it evenly from the center to the outside with a soft rag 


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